Whole-System Health
Heart, Home, Habitat and Humanity.

Clearing Stagnant Energies

Every home is a house.
Not every house is a home.

Buildings hold energy. Stagnant energies create stress and a sense of unease, and can lead to disease in a house. Evolutionary Dowsing harmonizes, balances, and remedies the source of stress, using tried and truly innovative solutions. 


Realtors, Home Occupants & Entrepreneurs.
Optimized Coaching & Mentoring.

Realtors –

Support your clients by elevating the energy of the home and property, benefiting both the homeowner and the buyer.


Homeowners and renters create a home and office space that enhances well-being and opens doors for greater prosperity and peace. 

Entrepreneurs –

Remediating home, office and community environments empower individuals to live their highest intentions and goals.

What is Evolutionary Dowsing?

An Integrative Process Restoring Wholeness.

Evolutionary Dowsing is a whole-system, dynamic model applying Ancient Wisdom, Dowsing, Feng Shui, and Somatic Integration. It is a transformational experience with far-reaching effects, uplifting the well-being of individuals, families, and the community.

Remediating negative energy in a house clears and balances harmful frequencies from your environment. This remarkable energy shift can create optimal outcomes for the land, the people, the animals, the plants, the water, and even the microbial network within the soil.

Living in a vibrant, generative environment helps achieve more rewarding relationships, vibrant health, and enhanced creativity.

Experience joy – open your front door and smile.

Mentor, Teacher and Guide

Meet Founder
Shelley Darling.

Shelley Darling is an international speaker, author and leading-edge Evolutionary Dowsing mentor and teacher. Shelley’s dedication to Love as a practical pathway and her commitment to Conscious Evolution has created the dynamic whole-systems model that Evolutionary Dowsing delivers.

Shelley currently lives on the Pejebscot River in Maine, USA


Clearing Stagnant
Energy to Create
Enlivened Environments.

A Personal Message from Shelley~

Thank you for looking deeper into Evolutionary Dowsing!

Evolutionary Dowsing consultations are innovative and available in person and online. If you are a home occupant, coach, or realtor needing a practical and effective property resource using cutting-edge tools and techniques, this is for you!

No matter the circumstance, I, and our Evolutionary Dowsing Specialists, will navigate the process with you from beginning to end. Enjoy the experience of living in harmony with your environment.

Your transformational, personal sessions are confidential, empowering you to embody and unleash your fullest expression.


Songline of the Heart.

Part Dowsing manual and part memoir, Songline of the Heart: A Navigators Guide to Resurrecting your Heart, Home and Habitat is a raw, moving journey of Shelley’s courageous quest to face betrayal, reclaim a lost promise, and ultimately be a beacon of light for others.


Custom-Made Energy Tools.

Quality transformational Dowsing tools are consciously created in the highest frequency dowsed environment. Based on sacred geometric principles, they are used for healing, clearing and optimizing heart resonance. 


Songline of the Heart.​

Part Evolutionary Dowsing manual and part memoir, Songline of the Heart: A Navigators Guide to Resurrecting your Heart, Home, and Habitat is a raw, moving journey of Shelley’s courageous quest to reclaim a lost promise and ultimately share with others the beauty, truth, and joy of coming home to their heart and living in wholeness.

Home and Land Healing

The Healing Powers of Dowsing: A Profound Modality

Our Homes Have
Brainwaves Too.

Indigenous Voice
of the Land.

Dowsing For Your Animals Health.


Resources to get you started.

Our Homes Have
Brainwaves Too?

Indigenous Voice
from the Land.

Where Did Dowsing
Come From?

“Before dowsing, I experienced stagnation in my relationships and finances. I now have clarity about my relationship and within a week my wealth increased by $24,000!

I am a believer!”

Katherine Wolf, Financial Planner, SD

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