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Do you enter your home and office feeling an uplifting sense of joy and calm? Or, conversely, when you arrive in a space, you’re unexplainably uncomfortable and feel like leaving? Homes, workplaces, and condos hold energy, just like we humans do. Experience noticeable shifts as Evolutionary Dowsing Specialists remediate discordant environmental energies.


Cultivating Health, Wholeness and Connection With Our Environments.

Learning to track our heart’s calling, we experience “resonance” with the impulse of life itself, evoking a generative flow of love, prosperity and wellbeing that comes from the joy of living life on purpose.

Heart Resonance as a living practice and pathway is vital for our evolution. It is the keystone for our conscious return to wholeness. 

About Shelley Darling
About Shelley Darling

Dedicated, Open-Hearted, Master Dowser.

Dedicated to a lifelong path of Unconditional Love, Embodied Heart Awakening and Conscious Evolution, Shelley Darling is an international Dowsing speaker and teacher. Shelley is the Founder of Evolutionary Dowsing and initiator of the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium.

For over 35 years, Shelley has synergized the powerful modalities of Feng Shui and Dowsing, infusing them with processes of personal somatic integration and ancient spiritual knowledge, to create a dynamic, whole-systems model that upholds both individual and collective transformational journeys.

Assisting homeowners, renters, and realtors. Shelley consults, privately, or virtually by Zoom, energetically realigning environments to support greater harmony, health and balance. She offers a series of certified training programs and an online local and global community.

Shelley’s deep and lifelong passion is to assist and empower individuals to come home to their hearts, fostering inner peace, prosperity and a sacred relationship with Earth.

Certified Evolutionary Dowsing Specialists

Professional Dowsers:
Skilled Practitioners

Graduates of Evolutionary Dowsing’s training programs are dedicated, highly attuned professional Dowsers. They expertly dowse homes, land, workplaces, and schools to clear Negative Vortexes, Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Interference, and other negative energies that impede whole-systems health, prosperity, optimal relationships and success.

Mark Dalton

‘Heartsong Dowsing’

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Jenny Procter

‘Heartsong Dowsing’

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Charlie Bergeron

​’Co-creative Dowser’

York, Maine​

Judy Gabriel

‘Energy Dowser’

Ojai, California

Kara Breese

‘Intuitive Healing’

Kittery, Maine

Tyhson Banighen

‘Eco-Spiritual Dowsing’

Tappen, B.C. Canada

Julie Armstrong

‘Dowsing Harmony’

Canberra, Australia

Najma Ahern

‘Songline Dowsing’


Nancy Chaconas

‘Dowsing Detective’

Somis, California​

Shanti Heart Hollinger

‘Urban Dowser’

Bend, Oregon


Kyla Mawson

‘Elemental Alchemist’

Sydney, Australia

Deb Kruse

‘Environmental Transformations’

Coloma, California 

Cathy Carson

‘Energy & Animal Dowser’

Nowra, Australia


Erika Furman

‘Energy Dowser’

Sarasota, Florida


Kyla Mawson

‘Elemental Alchemist’

Sydney, Australia

"A series of miracles started to happen once Shelley dowsed our house and farm. Our loan was funded within weeks and our dream came true of leasing the next-door property. We have been in a myriad of newspapers, CNN and more!"

Karen Archipley, Owner Archi’s Acres

Sustainable Agriculture Training

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