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Biofield Expert, LLC CEO Jayme Westrom is passionate about empowering others through biofield education and helping people discover shortcuts to healing. 

Shelley and Jayme combine their wisdom to create an elevated experience of home and land remediation, restoring coherence to one’s body and the landscape to create a lasting effect. Combining Evolutionary Dowsing and the ancient science of Vastu ensures a healthy, quantum-energetic environment.

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Energy Protection Tools

Re-harmonizing every

EMF stress, often inside and outside the Home, can be a critically overlooked factor, making a fundamental difference in client outcomes. EMF/energetic reharmonization is imperative for your health and well-being. We value your health and well-being, and as you will see we do our best to bring you what we believe are the highest energetic and naturally beneficial products on the market




We are pleased to announce our newest clean energy product!  BioArmor™ is our brand new line of bio-energetic supplements.  Each BioArmor™ blend is designed with specific frequencies to encourage optimal resonance at a chakra and corresponding organ or gland systems.


Biofield Resonator

We have designed these beautiful bronze coins and pendants using Vastu principles and quantum harmonics to create divine protection, foster love, and block all man-made frequencies (including 5G and EMF’s).


EMF Protection Paint

EMF Protection Paint is truly magical.  This paint can be used to reharmonize 5G, EMF’s and sha chi (depolarizing energy) from cell phones, tablets, watches and jewelry (including gemstones), mirrors, ac units, smart meters, WiFi, car/motorcycle engines, incoming home water lines, circuit breaker boxes, and more.

Living in an energetically weak space has negative consequences on your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health and can negatively impact your relationships and your financial health. 


Grounding Boulders

Pink Granite Grounding Boulders are small pink granite boulders for the bioenergetic grounding of your home. Pink Granite Grounding Boulders should be buried at every corner of your home, including any bump-outs or cut-outs, to enhance the earth energetics within your home and help remediate the rebar grid in your foundation. They also re-harmonize naturally occurring geopathic stress around your home.  They used pink granite for centuries to promote wealth and offer protection. We know it as a ‘guardian stone”. 

Vastu products

Earth to Sky Tower

This little gem turns on the sky energetics around your home.  It has been said to connect the energies between heaven and earth.  We have measured this protective circumference between 200 yards and 12 miles depending on the amount of EMF present near your home.  (This can be checked with QRA testing.) The gate needs to be placed on a certain side of the tree and we will help you with that part.  If you would like more than one gate, we recommend purchasing the Vastu Reharmonizing Paint and making your own.  From what we’ve seen you need between 2 and 50 gates per town.  

"I could feel the energy of this amazing product just getting it out of my mailbox! My husband has worn it every day since we received it. Even after 10 plus hour workdays, he comes home with energy to spare!

Thank you for all that you do!"

 S.P Texas