Biofield Expert, LLC CEO Jayme Westrom is passionate about empowering others through biofield education and helping people discover shortcuts to healing. Jayme’s expertise includes Quantum Reflex Analysis, Quantum K, Frequency Healing, Emotional Release, Physical Trauma Recovery of the Biofield, Medical Intuition, Tachyon Energy, and Vastu.

Shelley and Jayme combine their wisdom to create an elevated experience of home and land remediation, restoring coherence to one’s body and the landscape to create a lasting effect. Combining Evolutionary Dowsing and the ancient science of Vastu ensures a healthy, quantum-energetic environment.

EMF stress, often inside and outside the Home, can be a critically overlooked factor, making a fundamental difference in client outcomes. EMF/energetic reharmonization is imperative for your health and well-being. We value your health and well-being, and as you will see we do our best to bring you what we believe are the highest energetic and naturally beneficial products on the market