The Darling Dowser
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Whole-System Healing

Weaving Ancient Wisdom and Evolutionary Consciousness

Implementing Evolutionary Dowsing activates a profound aliveness and conscious awareness of the importance of whole-system health. Life in a vibrant, generative environment will catapult you into rewarding, joyful relationships and endeavors.

This essential energy shift creates an optimal outcome for all of humanity – the land, the people, the animals, the plants, the water – and even the microbial network within the soil.

Be curious; let your world expand with our insightful articles, interviews, and eye-opening tips. Let’s explore living at the evolutionary edge where the wonder of human consciousness is in balance and harmony with Earth.

Home and Land Healing

The Healing Powers of Dowsing: A Profound Modality

Our Homes Have
Brainwaves Too.

Indigenous Voice
of the Land.

Dowsing For Your Animals Health.

"Dowsing the studio I could feel the energy lift and lighten. I have continued to experience that lightness on subsequent visits. Our plans to build my office at home have been smooth and easy, and my mood and excitement continue to lift and brighten daily. But the most remarkable effect is the total 180 in the relationship between our co-tenants, which has gone from standoffish to easy and friendly. We never imagined that this would be the case, and were preparing ourselves to be forever at odds and out of synch with them."

Elizabeth Cotton