Songline of the Heart
by Shelley Darling.

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The Ultimate Dowsing Book for Humanity: An Intrepid Journey to Wholeness.

Written by Master Dowser Shelley Darling, Songline of the Heart: A Navigator’s Guide to Resurrecting your Heart, Home and Habitat is a powerful exploration of the art and science of Dowsing, interwoven with a soul-stirring personal memoir and deep archaeological exploration. It is a redemptive, raw journey into greater love and intimacy, where the author navigates the collapse of her marriage to ultimately becoming an emissary of light for herself and others, while revealing the efficacy of the ancient and evolutionary wisdom of Dowsing.

Songline of the Heart

A Navigator’s Guide to Resurrecting your Heart, Home and Habitat.

From a young age, Shelley’s parents’ showcased the magnificence of following your dreams. They actively demonstrated the raw power that is activated when we choose to listen to the calling of our heart.

In Songline of the Heart, Shelley takes us into the unknown of following the pull of the Dowsing rods which let us know things are not as they seem Following her compass of joy, Shelley encourages the reader to trust their innate knowing, revelling in unfurling synchronicities and magic, as they come home to the Songline of their own personal heart. 

Songline of the Heart flows with the current of forces we cannot see – to open new spaces within our hearts and minds to the power of evolution itself.

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“The realms of consciousness, the power of the human mind to connect with our earth’s forces in ways that seem to defy reason, is the amazing new frontier we are beginning to explore. Yet, our ancestors recognized this power, knew it was a vital part of who we are…Shelley has opened fascinating pathways into that ancient realm of mystery.” 

Barry Brailsford

Author, Song of the Old Tides

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"I congratulate Shelley for hosting the spirited inquiry about what Dowsing may mean to our lives. It is time to reclaim this important art, science and evolution."

Sharon Joy Kleitsch, Connection Partners

Tampa Bay, FL

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