Crystal Merkaba Grid
Clearing Geopathic Stress


Dense Spaces
Transforming the energetics

Geopathic Stress refers to Earth’s natural electromagnetic field disruptions caused by natural factors like geological faults and water veins. These energies directly affect our health.

These zones, or lines, create a challenging, dissonant energy when flowing into a home, making it difficult to heal and may cause headaches, migraines, and other illnesses. Once cleared, the home will optimally support you and your family.


Subtle Vibrations
Evocative in Nature

There is a Universal Language of Spirit that has its roots in a time before remembering. This universal seed language is Kum Vita, translated as the womb/ language of life. Now called Resonance Alchemy, Katherine Parker received these syllables through Spirit in 1994. The syllables of Kum Vita are not descriptive but evocative, designed to call forth spiritual and higher dimensional realities. Sacred language is the language of revelation, a means through which the Divine Mind can communicate on a direct vibrational level with the human mind. The letters and syllables of a sacred language comprise a higher dimensional vibrational code, as each letter and syllable has its inherent vibrational signature. The syllables of a sacred language are like seeds of energy and information that contain the vibrational signature of the spiritual reality they represent.
Programming your 6 crystals

Crystal MerKaBa Protocol

The MerKaBa, or Star Tetrahedron, is one of the most significant Alchemical symbols and is one of the primary symbols of Archangel Raphael and the Tree of Life. The Star Tetrahedron generates a powerful toroidal Unity Field, remediating the Geopathic Stress when applied to a home. (Read through the protocol and watch both Parts 1 and 2)

PURCHASE:    6 1 1/2 or 2″ point clear quartz crystals (they don’t need to be perfect)

Programming the Crystals

  1. Create a quiet space to connect with your heart. Take a few deep breaths and express gratitude for our crystalline ancestors.
  2. Using the sacred syllables *KRI LEI AMMA hold your crystals in your left hand, cupping the right hand over the top. Set the vibrational frequency by speaking the syllables KRI LEI AMMA internally while tapping the crystals with the top hand 72 times. Break it down by doing 3 segments, 24 times, then tap nine times on the crystals. 24-tap 9, 24-tap 9, 24-tap 9- 72 times.
  3. When complete-begin a second round of 72 using the sacred syllables **OO-BA and repeating the same pattern. Speak the syllables internally 24 times- tap 9 times on the crystals, 24-tap 9, 24-tap 9.
  4. Now, take the activated crystals and head outside to the front of your home.

Outside Merkaba

  1. Place the crystals as seen on the grid graphic, following the numbers.
  2. If your house is not square or rectangle, you will need to include the full circumference of your home. Some people see the triads as setting the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies; you can activate the triads accordingly. If you are a dowser, use your rods or pendulum to check the placement of the crystals.
  3. Place the crystals horizontally, with the point facing according to the diagram, 3-4 inches in the ground, covering them with dirt, ensuring they will not move.

In-House Activation

  1. Once all crystals have been set in the ground (see below for winter conditions), return to the center of the home facing the street.
  2. Understanding we are, as humans, a crystalline matrix, visualize the crystal’s energy connecting with each other and connect your heart with each of the points around the house, working with one triad (1a-1b-1c) and then the next triad. (2a-2b-2c)
  3. Feel your golden light energy connecting to each triad and then visualize the spinning, spiraling energy moving from you out to the whole MerKaBa.
  4. Place a larger crystal (clear or rose quartz) in the center of the home where you are standing, or close by on a table, or even hanging.
  5. The spinning MerKaBa energy, known as the Toroidal Field, will continue to hold and create a light vehicle around your home, clearing most Geopathic Stress. Geopathic Stress Zones, or lines create a challenging, dissonant energy when flowing into a home, making it very difficult to heal, and may even cause headaches, migraines, and other such illnesses. Once cleared, the home will optimally support you and your family.


*KRI LEI AMMA sets a vibrational Field of Unity around the home.

**OO-BA grounds the energy, completing the activation.

Winter Conditions

When you cannot place the Merkaba outside. You will need to get creative!

Example: Make a MerKaBa grid on a wooden board or cardboard. Draw or print the outline of your home, placing it on the board. Glue or tape the crystals as you would do outside. Keep it near the center of the home or on your altar! In the spring, take the crystals outside and place them on the land.

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The Merkaba is now activated!

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