Our Homes Have Brainwaves Too.

For thousands of years, dowsing has been used to locate water, minerals, and treasures. As a professional dowser my experience and understanding are that dowsing is not only an ancient science; it is an evolutionary tool that can directly affect the raising of our Consciousness and healing separation on the planet. 

Dowsing elevates the frequency of a space, creating “harmonic resonance” or, as I say, a “quickening.” It clears dense and stressful energy from the environment, but it also opens our inner circuitry to an energetic relationship with our higher Consciousness. Dowsing bypasses the mind, accessing a deep state of awareness tuned to a broader range of unseen signals. Today we recognize the increased scope of dowsing to include the mystery of human Consciousness interacting with that of the Earth.

Through my epic dowsing experiences, I’ve learned that our homes and land want to support us in ways we cannot imagine. Like brain waves in our bodies, our homes have “brain waves,” too, which comprise light frequency and vibrations, like what we have in our bodies. We now know we can measure these waves. We know we can raise our consciousness through meditation, prayer, and positive thinking. Consider that our houses, too, can be assisted to hold a higher vibration that supports more excellent health and wellbeing and illuminates a path to our soul’s purpose. 

I can’t tell you how often I have heard from my clients before a dowsing session that they “feel stuck.” Upon initiating a dowsing assessment of their house, to their amazement, the dowsing rods will either be at a standstill or barely sway back and forth. My client, watching the rods, will feel into their communication and, aghast, shout out, “that’s me, that’s exactly how I feel in my life!” It’s as if the rods are telling a story.

Dowsing harmonizes the energy in the environment, allowing a full light spectrum activation of the land, our homes, and our businesses. One might say that dowsing a house assists it in allowing many “subterranean infections” to rise to the surface to be balanced and healed. 

Our homes have brain waves too. They have brain waves just like humans. Through science, we now know brain waves are measurable. For many, when they watch a dowser measuring the energy in a room, the watcher is awestruck. Even if the person is skeptical, in most cases, amazed, they feel compelled to follow the dowser as they access the home and land. 

Discovering a negative vortex and or a few Geopathic energies, for example, will create a Beta brainwave which looks like a sharp, up, and down energy wave. This degenerating energy allows very little light to enter a house. 

What does this mean for an individual, family, or workers? 

This Beta energy depletes our immune system and adrenals. Individuals can’t see options, feel separated, and feel hopeless. It can feel like a chaotic war being fought all by yourself. Whereas, when the vibrational energy rises, a house with an Alpha Brainwave allows more light to enter the space. The environment feels comfortable. Occupants feel more hopeful, inspired, and easily connected to their intuition.

I feel moved to say that this ancient art is a practical and applicable alchemical practice. As the dissonant energies shift and become vibrant, positive frequencies, the overall energy resonant in the client, their home, and the land on which they live spontaneously recalibrates, activating a greater positive flow in their life.

Over the years, I have explored this at length, and I’m in awe at how dowsing eliminates environmental dissonance, triggering an enlightened, more evolved state of Consciousness.

I revel in how this work offers a pathway for sacred communion with ourselves, others, and Nature. In the past, in Europe—where dowsing has had a long and respected history—it was said that only a particular type of person could dowse. With years of experience behind me, I can now confidently say that anyone can dowse; we’re all innately connected to Spirit Consciousness, which is the intelligent force behind the movement of the dowsing rods. Inevitably, everyone will find their particular use for dowsing, one that will either enhance their chosen profession or one that will, as in my experience, allow a person to find that dowsing is their destined vocation. 

It is humbling and gratifying to see how dowsing as an evolutionary tool creates dynamic momentum in people’s transformations. The pathway opens to revitalizing a sacred relationship to their heart, home, and habitat.

Shelley Darling

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Our Homes Have Brainwaves Too.

Our homes have brainwaves too. In fact, our homes and habitat want to support us in ways we cannot imagine. They have brain waves just like us.