Dowsing Rods with Wooden Case

Handcrafted, Attuned Dowsing Rods

Dowsing Rods allow you to connect to the vibrational waves of energy unseen to the naked eye. Opening our awareness to feel what we intuitively know is exciting and life-confirming.

Co-Creative Evolutionary Dowser Charlie Riverman handcrafts and attunes the brass-sleeved Dowsing Rods. These artisan Dowsing Rods come with their own Oak wooden case. Charlie consciously creates them inside a Vesica Pisces Tensor Ring Energy Field, under an Angelic Merkaba of selenite and angel stones, tuned with Resonance Alchemy specifically to clear any discordant energy.

Want Rods or Case Separately?

That’s easy. You can purchase the rods and case separately. Earth Cures are available as well – just ask us.

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