Memon: Trusted E-Smog Protection

Protect Yourself From Ever-Growing Levels of Manmade EMFs

Memon is the gold standard in 5G-ready, electro-smog harmonizing technology. In our world today, we live surrounded by excessive electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and microwaves. Memon devices harmonize our bodies using cell biological protective effects.

M​emon eliminates electrical disturbances in your home, office, and community centers. ​
It neutralizes and harmonizes environmental frequencies.

Feel safe and protected once the Memonizer COMBI effortlessly plugs into any socket! You can now enjoy today’s connectivity without experiencing high-density EMFs by cancelling out the harmful EMF waves.

Providing a protected and harmonized space throughout your home or building by cancelling out harmful EMFs, the Memonizer COMBI plugs into any spare socket effortlessly. Enjoy modern connectivity without the EMF stress and e-smog.


Can’t Find Exactly What You’re Looking For?

We have a wide range of Memonizer products available. Exceptional products cancel harmful EMFs for wireless game controllers, baby monitors, remote controllers, wireless keyboards, etc. From Memonizer mobile and Pendant Starter Pack to products for your home, body, car, cell, water, and dog. Contact Shelley to learn more about other Memonizer devices.

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Memon – Memonizer® COMBI Single – Small – up to 1050 sq ft