Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium
Empowering Group Resonance

A Clarion Call

12 around 1 collective
restoring wholeness

“We are sailing together in this Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing ‘waka,’ called to expand the growing edges of our being. Guided by our Ancestors, we move in Heart Resonance, weaving our knowledge and sharing our light with the world.”
—Shelley Darling 

It all began on January 5, 2015, under the influence of a luminous full moon, “Navigator” and Evolutionary Dowsing Master, Shelley Darling, following her guidance, called together a group of Dowsers, Planetary Healers, Earth Stewards, and Alchemists. We intended to weave and harvest our wisdom, knowing that collectively, we are exponentially greater than the sum of our parts.

We came to take part in a sacred circle based on an ancient and evolutionary “12-around-1” whole-systems template described by the 20th-century inventor and visionary Buckminster Fuller.

The SED Consortium

Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium is a new paradigm template acknowledging and aligning with Nature’s intelligence. Through experiential exchange, the group embraces the fundamental principles of Heart Resonance™, Earth-Heart Resonance™, and Radical Earth-Heart Resonance™ in a fecund circle of unity and wholeness. 

The SED Consortium recognizes the flowing cycles of whole-system health. It focuses on restoring balance and harmony to current home, landscape, and water projects, creating the conditions for exponential healing and transformation for humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

 Our SED Promise:

  •  In a safe space, grow your confidence and intuitive capacities
  • Feel an internal shift as you learn to work in group Heart Resonance
  • Weave your wisdom with other energy healers from around the world
  • Dive into the opportunity to grow your skills as an Evolutionary Dowser
  • Enhance, refresh, and revitalize your energy toolbox
Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium

Join us for a 12-week 12-around-1 RADICAL Earth-Heart Resonance© experience
When will the next 12-around-1 circle begin? 
We enter the “waka” on the full moon energy on January 23. 2024.
Join us for an open introductory meeting @ 2 pm PST/5 pm EST/ 10 pm UK/ 9 am AEDT AU (next day, 24th) 
Meet our Field Advisors, ask questions, and dive deeper into the joyful intention of working as a group in the SED Consortium.
Grab your paddles as we set sail on January 30th! (same times-31st Au) 

As a collective of twelve dowsers, planetary healers, and alchemists, we are called together in full transparency to share our intuitive skills and resources. In joy and a safe space, the SED Consortium continues to flourish as an ever-evolving new paradigm model through practical and experiential learning, uplifting each other in our highest expression. Focusing on restoring resonance to current land and water projects allows for exponential healing and transformation for people and their homes, animals, and the environment.

If you are a Dowser, Planetary Healer, Earth Steward, or Alchemist and have been sailing solo, bring your heart, wisdom, and skills to this opportunity.        In these times of needed restoration and resonance, let’s listen deeply as we co-create harmony and wholeness for Earth and all its inhabitants.


Navigating Home:
Restoring Wholeness through Radical Earth-Heart Resonance ™

Evolutionary Dowsing is a whole-system model that embraces ancient wisdom and evolutionary consciousness. It is a transformational experience with far-reaching effects. Understanding Conscious Evolution expands our awareness, helping to transform, revitalize, and harmonize our homes and landscapes.

This landmark book will open people to new concepts, ideas, and possibilities in working with the energy of land, water, and home in our return to wholeness.

It's a blast being in this group!

Every week, I learn something new from each person. As we work on a piece of property, my toolbox exponentially grows, adding the unique techniques each employs. I am awed at the group resonance and your patience with healing the land."

Long Bui, CA