Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs.
Empower Spaces-Expand Consciousness

More Flow Means Exponential Results

High Vibrational Spaces Attract Resonant Clients

Evolutionary Dowsing, expertly implemented in the homes of hundreds of entrepreneurs and spiritual mentors, enlivens work environments speeding up entrepreneurial success. Clear vision and sustained focus activate a dynamic transformation in co-creative endeavors and projects.

Alignment for Entrepreneurial Success
Alignment for Entrepreneurial Success

Synergized Personal Growth Powercharges Business Results

As entrepreneurs, we want our work environments to support our vision and dreams. Our workplace will evoke an experience of energetic resonance when we clear hidden non-beneficial frequencies. Evolutionary Dowsing removes dense energy in your home, office, and personal energy field to achieve extraordinary success. This ancient and evolutionary process assists you as an entrepreneur and coach to feel momentum professionally, financially, and spiritually.

Professional Life Coach

Peace and Prosperity Align with Purpose

Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique. The dedication required to succeed is all-encompassing. It takes an open heart, a clear mind, and laser focus to actualize your purpose. Imagine the joy of feeling uplifted while quickly metabolizing old core beliefs. You and your clients will feel the difference! Stand in your confidence and live your Soul purpose.

"Shelley is a master dowser in the cosmic sense. Her intuitive gifts complement her well-developed skill and universal understanding of energy, consciousness, and the unified field. What I appreciate most about Shelley is her depth and breadth of understanding when it comes to living in resonance and the co-creative process. Shelley shares her authentic passion generously from the place of heart."

Dr. Julie Krull Ph.D., LMHP 
Co-Founder: GOOD of the Whole and Dr. Julie, All Things Connected-Empower Radio

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