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Enhancing Realtor Success

Magnetize The Right Buyers To Create Confident Closings.

To optimally prepare for a property sale, clients typically upgrade their real estate assets to maximize returns. When including an energetic alignment through Evolutionary Dowsing, there are active flow increases. The result? Happier client relationships and quicker sales returns.

Win-Win Real Estate Resources
Win-Win Real Estate Resources

Supporting Your Clients to Optimize Their Returns.

Advising and assisting your clients in their sales journey often requires considerable time and budget. In real estate marketing, realtors often miss the most important consideration – the ‘unseen elements’ – or energetics of a home. When the spatial energies of a property are cleared and balanced, the home or office space feels warm and inviting – and becomes sale ready. Evolutionary Dowsing helps realtors make swift sales by increasing the positive energy of homes and commercial real estate to attract the right buyers. It’s a win-win for your client and you.

Photo: Anna Williams, Showtime Group, Sarasota, Florida

Clearing Stagnant Energies

Turning a ‘Difficult to Sell’ Property into a Sale.

No matter the circumstance or how difficult a property might be to sell, Professional Dowser Shelley Darling navigates the energetic healing process of a home or workplace from beginning to end, clearing the stuck and stagnant energies that can block the sale.

Evolutionary Dowsing consultations for realtors are available in person and online to assist as an additional, highly effective realtor property resource. An added benefit is your upgraded sales will attract more clients in the long term.

"We had six months to sell the property; unfortunately, the house wasn't selling. We had an excellent, responsible, and creative realtor, but no luck. After engaging with Shelley, the home sold in two months. We are grateful for Shelley's support."

Elaine Silver and James Alexander

Sarasota, Florida

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