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Energy at Home

In a world of ever-increasing noise, e-smog, stress, and anxiety, optimizing the space we live and work in leads to greater wellbeing. How to increase the positive energy in houses and workplaces is easy. Discover our sought-after subtle energy solutions, evolutionary dowsing tools, trainings and mentorship programs.

Dowsing Book

Songline of the Heart

In her transformational book, Songline of the Heart, Shelley Darling unfolds a journey that’s a testament to the power of Dowsing as a leading-edge evolutionary tool. Part memoir, part dowsing odyssey, Shelley reveals a pathway to greater intimacy, sacred relationship to the land, and joy of living in resonance with one’s purpose. A stirring and evocative read!

Global GlassScapes

Custom Glass Sculptures

Artist Ellen Epstein intuitively channels each unique piece of outdoor art sculpture. The exquisite kaleidoscope of color, shape, and pattern brings abundance, balance, and artistic beauty to any environment. These custom energy sculptures are perfect for office buildings, centers, and gardens to invite moments of focused reflection.


E-Smog Protection

Protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies and microwaves with a wide range of Memon products for your home, car, cell phone, and laptop. Memon devices are the gold standard in neutralizing the effects of e-Smog interference, bringing you and your home into harmony with nature’s resonance.


ISEE Infynergy

A new quantum field innovation, ISEE devices repurpose structural energy codes to neutralize harmful frequencies in the environment. ISEE Serenity (and other ISEE products) imbue a generative, natural symbiotic connection with one’s heart, home, and the Earth.

Co-Creative Dowsing Rods
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Handcrafted Dowsing Rods

Each pair of handcrafted, intuitively designed Dowsing Rods reveal the invisible energy waves that constantly pulse and move about our environment. Dowsing Rods detect and inform the dowser of any non-beneficial energies activating a shift towards greater wholeness, wellbeing, and abundance.

Upcoming Courses, Events & Private Sessions

Build Confidence - Grow Skills

Explore beginner to advanced level Dowsing courses that enable you to experience this profound whole-system healing modality. Facilitated by Master Dowser Shelley Darling, these programs create a safe, supportive environment to access deep states of awareness while connecting with the unseen energies around us.

BioField Expert

Energy Protection Tools

Whole house EMF/energetic remediation tools address electrical stress (including smart meters and 5G), water stress, house stress, and window stress. EMF/energetic reharmonization is imperative for your health and wellbeing.

Twistedsage Studio

Tensor Field Tecnology

Twistedsage Studios provides powerful and affordable energy tools for consciousness shifting and tensor field technology. Tensor Rings supply an infinite energy source that can neutralize magnetic fields and stabilize the biomagnetic fields i the body.

"What I took away from Shelley’s Dowsing training is that Dowsing is another way to truly assist the earth and all of us who inhabit it in our ascension process, as we heal the land and allow ‘heaven’ back into these places that have been ‘dark’ or deadened by stagnant energies. I love how specific and tangible it is."

Ariyana Buzan, Florida