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Aligning with Nature’s Intelligence

Evolutionary Dowsing Mentorship

Whole-System Healing for
Heart, Home and Habitat
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Experience the profound impact that Evolutionary Dowsing can have, building confidence and working with subtle energies to create high vibrational homes and environments that empower clients to live in joyful resonance with their hearts, home, and habitats.

Essential Training for Your Life, Land, and Home Space

Dowsing Training: Beginners to Advanced

Enchanting Landscapes
Boundless and Bountiful

Become proficient in receiving information not directly available to your conscious mind. Evolutionary Dowsing is a transformational journey beyond the five senses, accessing a deep state of awareness while attuning to a broader range of energetic signals.

Become a trusted, Evolutionary Dowsing Specialist in our multiple foundational to advanced levels training options.

Too far to travel? Consider offering an online or local presentation or group dowsing course in your area. 

Need support? Contact us, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Foundational Courses: Restoring Wholeness

1-Day Dowsing Immersion - Waterville, Maine

 This local 1-Day Evolutionary Dowsing course immerses us in Ancient Wisdom and Evolutionary Consciousness fundamentals, instilling a sense of empowerment and confidence.  Learn to harmonize and activate a “quickening” in the energy field while restoring wholeness to your heart, home, business, and landscape. 

A transformational journey for individuals, practitioners, and emerging leaders. 

1-DAY IMMERSION-WATERVILLE July 20th, 10:00 am-3:00 pm 

***NOTE: Donations will be gratefully accepted for the July 20th 1-Day. A welcome email with details will follow.

Location: Location: Chace Community Forum-Bill and Joan Alfond Commons 1st Floor. 150 Main Street, Waterville, Maine 

Our Monthly Community

Community Interchange
Expand Your Skillset

Gathering with others in a confidential learning environment excels as we share dowsing case studies in our 90-minute interactive group calls. (Replays are always available)

Grow your skills by learning from our Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Specialists. Become adept at raising and clearing non-beneficial energies while healing and optimizing our homes and land.

Gain access to instructional videos, new information, and an active community of dowsers, alchemists, and planetary healers.

6-Months! Joy in our community engagement. Summer Only $55!

Monthly Third Thursdays @6pm-7:30 pm EST)

Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium

SED Consortium 12-around-1
12 Participants ~ 12 Weeks

Embark on our next journey with the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium in the full moon energy. Begins August 2024.

As an intimate Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Collective of 12, we gather to gain wisdom from each other, listen to the fabric of the Field, and exponentially raise the vibrational field of our hearts, homes, landscapes, and community spaces while restoring our beloved Earth. 

Our commitment is clear-we intend to share Radical Earth-Heart Resonance© and the 3 Harmonic Octaves© with others. By doing so, we aim to expand their knowledge and skills as Evolutionary Dowsers, Planetary Healers, and Earth Stewards.  

***Registrations are open now! Only space for twelve participants. Fills quickly, so email us ASAP!

Somatic Integration sessions

Work privately with Shelley

Somatic Integration
a radical return to love

Our journey back to wholeness lies in expanding our capacity to be present with what’s showing up and skillfully embodying love for ourselves, standing tall, and acting from a profound state of knowing.

Learn to trust the impulse of your heart, discover the core truth of who you are, and make conscious choices while living your innate purpose.

If you want new tools that create a lasting embodied experience, then Somatic Integration sessions are for you.

6-Month Certification: 1-1 with Shelley

Step by step focused
1-1 mentorship with Shelley

Are you ready to receive financial dispensation for your dowsing services? Do you trust your wisdom and skill will empower your clients and have visible results?

Learn to work with the landscape and dowse a house, business, or school from beginning to completion. As an Evolutionary Dowsing Specialist, you will become efficient at applying ancient and evolutionary knowledge to your work. Learn highly specialized integration techniques to support your client’s passion while harmonizing their home environments.

No extra spending! Make and activate your own Earth Cures!

1-1 Professional Mentorship Certification Program Summer Special $200 off

"Thank you, Shelley, and Evolutionary Dowsing! Learning to Dowse was a quantum leap in trusting my intuitive abilities. Focused now on healing for the planet, I revel in the depth of this community's inspiration, connection, and support."

Najma Ahern, AU

Cranial Sacral Practitioner

SED Consortium Field Advisor