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Evolutionary Dowsing Courses

Whole-System Healing for
Heart, Home and Humanity

Experience the profound impact that Dowsing can have—tailored to build confidence while working with subtle energies to create stress-free homes while living in joyful resonance with your heart. Become adept at using this evolutionary tool through our upcoming Dowsing courses.

Dowsing Training: Beginners to Advanced

Learn to Connect with Subtle Energies Around You

Evolutionary Dowsing creates a safe, supportive environment to master receiving information not directly available to our conscious mind. A transformational journey beyond the five senses, Dowsing accesses a deeper state of awareness as you attune to a broader range of energetic signals. There are multiple Dowsing training options for becoming a trusted, experienced Dowser, from foundational to advanced levels.

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Foundational Course: Take the Lid Off Your Life!

Evolutionary Dowsing Blueprint

This 6-week foundational Dowsing course developed by Master Dowser Shelley Darling explores the fundamentals of Ancient Wisdom and Evolutionary Consciousness. Applying this knowledge to Dowsing creates a “quickening” in the Field, restoring resonance to our hearts, home, and habitats. This 5-star Evolutionary Dowsing training sets alight a transformational journey, empowering individuals, practitioners, and clients in our conscious return to wholeness — $497. Dates are to be announced soon. 

A Global Community: Dowsing Course

Evolutionary Dowsing Monthly Energy Calls

Be part of an international Dowsing community. Exchange ideas and share case studies during our 90-minute interactive group calls, (replays are available). Gain access to instructional videos, new information, and an active community of dowsers, alchemists, and planetary healers. Grow your skills learning from our Evolutionary Dowsing Specialists. Become adept at raising and clearing toxic energy while restoring resonance to help heal homes and land.

6-Month Community Membership $55

"Thank you, Shelley and Evolutionary Dowsing! I have such a profound reverence for Dowsing. Learning to Dowse in 2013 was a quantum leap in trusting my intuitive abilities. Focused now on healing for the planet, I revel in this community's inspiration, connection, and support."

Najma Ahern

Cranial Sacral Practitioner

SED Field Advisor