The Joy of Dowsing Rods: Magic at Spirit Camp

January 2024

Imagine, as children, we could playfully explore, tapping into our intuition, find lost items, and even discover ancient energy pathways such as dragon lines!

Developing our inner compass, embracing intuition, and trusting our hearts is a lifelong endeavor, whether winter or summer. Without clear and supportive guidance, kids nowadays are only hankering to be on their computers. Trying to justify and force our opinions as adults in today’s world on why it’s important to spend time outdoors can make matters worse. And with all the chaos happening, it’s safer having them inside, right?

As a Dowsing Mentor and guide, I have always felt uplifted when, in a safe environment, a child realizes the joy of working with the rods. I was delighted to learn of Eva Goulette’s magical ways of teaching kids everything from holding the rods to asking the right questions and the playfulness of discovering the outer edges of their aura, or as I like to say, their heart field!

Eva brings her love and passion to what she calls Spirit Camp, a program that offers many ways to explore, express, and uplift the spirit of a child. She invites us to imagine a world where kids’ faces light up in wonder as they unravel the secrets of the dowsing rods, revealing a practice that supports building confidence in their natural intuitive capacities while feeling safe to speak from their heart. These vibrational tools help kids connect with their inner wisdom while enhancing their relationship with Nature.

Click on the link to read the full article about Eva and Dancing Jaguar’s magical journey of guiding a young camper through the dowsing process.

Would you like to purchase a set of dowsing rods for yourself or your kids? Consider purchasing a set of Charlie Riverman’s, Co-creative Dowsing, hand-crafted dowsing rods; keep them safe in their own wooden case, too! Click here.

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