Twisted Sage
Tensor Field Technology

Effective and Affordable Tools: What is a Tensor Energy Ring

A Tensor Ring is a twisted copper ring made with the understanding of sacred geometry. A superconductor that neutralizes negative magnetic fields, Tensor Rings activate a natural coherency, stabilizing and equalizing the bio-magnetic and energy fields of the body, space, and environment. Tensor Rings are a powerful tool integrating scientific, intuitive, and spiritual technology.

Create Positive Resonance

For the Body, Home & Land

The frequency inherent in each cubit length of copper vibrates across the center plane of every hand-crafted tensor ring. Research shows that the tensor field, or the space within the circumference, vibrates at different megahertz depending on the measurement. The frequencies form a column of light that extends outward from the plane within the circumference of the wire in both directions. This beam holds and transmits higher light frequencies over a distance.

When combined with Dowsing, the rings potentize a space, immediately creating a positive resonance that transmutes discordant energy, expanding the space or landscape’s sphere of positive energy.

Golden Fire Ring

Discovered and anchored in by Brenda Schnose, the Golden Fire Rings activate a golden sacred heart. Activating light with the heart begins the cleaning, clearing, releasing, and healing. It is an ancient Cubit Measure based on new geometries. The Golden Fire is one of the most potent energetics for restructuring discordant electromagnetic fields. Most EMF tools are created with the Golden Fire Tensor Ring, such as the Wifi Ring, Cell Tab, Smart-meter Disc, and more. 


"The Best! The Tensor Ring has drastically improved my sleep. I normally would wake up 2-3 times every night, since sleeping with it under my mattress I get deep prolonged sleep.”